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Imagine that you can take a break from the normal routine without venturing too far from your home. You can relax and unwind in the heart of the city for just a day or an extended stay without the exhausting travel and expensive fares rates.  

Staycations are now a fast-growing trend for people who want to treat themselves. Hence, ST Signature co-living hotels have upped their hospitality game another notch and offer a unique staycation experience for their guests – a co-living hotel concept.

Read on to find out what this new trend is, and which co-living hotel can give you the ultimate staycation experience.

Need a short and sweet vacation? – Try ST Signature LITE

For guests who want to go on a staycation within the city for a short amount of time, you might not be in your rooms all the time. Perhaps you are a young parent, who just want some alone time and yet are unable to commit to an overnight staycation. We have good news!

You can take advantage of the co-living hotel’s flexible booking options, ST Signature Lite. You can enjoy your privacy with the ST Signature self check-in platform, even if you are staying with us just for a few hours! 

ST Signature Lite caters to hotel guests who are planning on staying for shorter hours within the day. Hence, a staycation in Singapore doesn’t necessarily have to mean an overnight stay.

For those who absolutely must stay overnight because it’s too late to travel home, ST Signature Lite can provide a place for you to sleep peacefully just for the night and wake up feeling refreshed.

Even if you are a traveler on transit who has a lot of free time before the next flight, don’t worry; ST Signature Lite’s affordable luxury cabins are available for you to rest in. 

Guest using his laptop in the cabin
Guest using his laptop in the cabin

Need a longer stay? Try a full-day booking!

Your exceptional co-living staycation experience starts with just a click because ST Signature promotes self-check-in, a feature where guests can check-in and out of the hotel with the ST Signature Chat-In™ app using their mobile phones. Their cabins are fully air-conditioned with Netflix and Youtube- enabled flat-screen TVs for entertainment. There is also complimentary WiFi connection throughout the building.

In ST Signature, you can either connect with other guests in the communal areas or get to know your fellow guests via their in-app Chat function. ST Signature is the first co-living hotel in Singapore with smart Chat-In™ technology wherein guests can network and interact with other guests without having to share private details like their cabin numbers. You can use the mobile app to access most of the hotel’s services, including checking in and out.

Whether you want to enjoy your privacy in your room or choose to mingle with your fellow guests in the designated communal areas, you are in control.  


Speaking of communal areas, ST Signature has stylish communal and co-living spaces that provide ample networking opportunities with other hotel guests.  

It has bathrooms with water closets, as well as smart toilet bowls with sprinkling and drying options.  

Other common co-living spaces like the Cook Lab, is equipped with Miele-brand kitchen appliances for a complimentary all-day use so guests can cook their meals. 

For coffee fans out there, complimentary coffee is served all day from Miele coffee machines. They even have vending machines that carry a variety of snacks, beverages, and sundries.

Guest enjoying their drinks


Travelers can experience Singapore authentically because ST Signature hotels are located amid different neighborhoods in Singapore, and they are convenient and easily accessible via the MRT stations.


If you want to fully experience the ST Signature’s affordable luxury accommodations, book a room for more than 24 hours. Just whip out your phone and do a self-check-in.  


If you want to make your staycation in Singapore memorable, you will not go wrong in choosing a co-living hotel like ST Signature Lite. You will certainly experience an extraordinary co-living hotel staycation that reflects intelligence, luxury, community, and value.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your reservation now and discover what it feels like to be “alone, together”.

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