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Convenient Travels: Why You Should Stay at ST Signature Lite

Have you ever just wished for a comfortable bed to lie down immediately after a long flight? The trip could be extremely tiresome, adding stress to your already tired form. Luckily for you, ST Signature has a Lite feature, perfect for your travel-worn body. 

For the weary traveler looking for comfort and affordable luxury, ST Signature Lite is the new co-living transit hotel. Located in strategic places throughout Singapore, this smart co-living hotel offers you the comfort you crave after hours of non-stop travel.

What is ST Signature Lite? 

ST Signature Lite is an extension of the ST Signature brand of smart co-living hotels. This particular co-living transit hotel appeals to travelers on transit, a group of friends, or locals who just want to relax at an affordable luxury hotel in the heart of the city.

It caters to travelers’ immediate needs in between flights, providing a couple of hours of much-needed comfort while they freshen up for the day. For the adventurous guest, ST Signature Lite also keeps its doors open to you. 

If you’re in a brief layover flight and just want to explore Singapore during the short period that you’re in the country, you’re very much welcome to. 

Like its flagship hotel, ST Signature Lite offers all of the luxury, ease, and convenience that are a trademark of every ST Signature co-living hotel. Here, guests can request for shorter bookings instead of our usual full day. Despite the shorter stay, guests are still welcome to make use of the communal facilities available in the hotel.

Guest using laptop in the cabin

ST Signature Lite’s Schedules

This co-living transit hotel provides you with three check-in option schedules: dawn, dusk, and dark. Dawn and Dusk check-in schedules both last for 5 hours, while the dark option has a total of 9 hours. These schedules vary per hotel. 

With this round the clock service, you always have the option to rest at any time of the day. Regardless of how early in the day or late at night, your flight is, or your travel plans are, ST Signature Lite’s doors will always be open. You deserve your rest.

You can find the schedules for Bugis Beach Lite and Jalan Besar Lite here.

ST Signature Lite’s Amenities – what you get to enjoy in your short stay

At ST Signature, we offer state-of-the-art technology as well as world-class amenities for your utmost convenience. We have learned how to strike a balance between the luxury of staying at a hotel and the affordable comfort of living at home.

Knowing the stress of layover flights, we’ve made staying in our cabins as pleasurable as possible. At ST Signature Lite, we offer the convenience of self check-ins. This makes it possible for you to check-in at any time of the day, readily amenable to your flight time. 

Simply download the ST Signature app and enter your details to check-in without hassle. Fast and easy, right? With a quicker and more convenient check-in process, you can catch up on more hours of sleep before your next flight.

Aside from its smart features, this co-living transit hotel also offers keyless entry into the cabins. The app will generate a code via email for you to open your cabin door with, maximizing security, convenience, and privacy. 

Guest checking in on ST Signature app

We also have a cook lab and modern washrooms. Equipped with Dyson hairdryers and for the lucky few, modern bidets, you’re sure to be pampered at Jalan Besar. With our facilities, you can prepare for your flight or a quick stroll through the city with ease and comfort.

Consider staying at ST Signature Lite the next time you’re in Bugis Beach or Jalan Besar. Whether it’s to rest before a long flight or to recuperate after long hours of travel, you’re always welcome to check-in and rest at our co-living transit hotel.

Meet with other like-minded individuals, too, through our smart chat option in the app. If you’re a local wanting to experience something new yet not entirely foreign, taking your mini-vacation at ST Signature Lite might be enough to relax your body and clear your mind.

We ensure you get the value of what you’re paying for, from the convenience of online check-ins to the luxury appliances in the co-living hotel’s communal cook lab. At ST Signature, we ensure you have the platform to connect with others and build your brand, even in short periods at a time.