Katrina Group


What is the “Katrina Rewards” programme?

Katrina Rewards is a membership programme where members can earn rebates from their spending at any of Katrina Group restaurants based in Singapore.

Which brands is this programme applicable to?

Katrina Rewards is applicable to all our dining brands including Bali Thai, Honguo, Sanchos, So Pho, Streats, Tomo Izakaya and Tomo Tokyo, at in-store level only.

What are the fees to sign up to be a member?

It is completely free to sign up to become a member. There are also no renewal fees required!

Can I enjoy my Katrina Rewards membership privileges immediately upon registration?

Yes, upon successful registration, you will start collecting rebates and use the Welcome voucher immediately.

How do I earn rebates?

Depending on your tier level (Member or Gold), you can earn 5% or 10% rebates on your subtotal bill with no minimum spending required. Rebates can only be earned for dine-in and takeaway orders in stores. Payment via app, delivery platforms or any third-party platforms are not valid for rebates accumulation.

How are the rebates calculated?

Rebates are earned on subtotal (before GST and Service Charge), after all discounts or vouchers used. Depending on your membership tier, the corresponding rebates % will be calculated and rounded up to 2 decimal places.

How do I redeem my rebates earned/vouchers?

When making payment at any of Katrina Group’s restaurants, simply enter your registered mobile number and our staff will be able to retrieve your account to redeem the rebates or vouchers.

Do I need to be physically present at the restaurant to earn or redeem rebates?

To prevent abuse from fraudsters, you will have to be present to earn or redeem rebates.

How can I check my current rebates earned?

Simply login here with your registered contact number to retrieve how much rebates you have earned.

How can I check when my rebates are expiring?

Simply login here with your registered contact number to retrieve when your rebates are expiring.

How do I become a Gold tier member?

You must accumulate at least $700 in rebates within 1 year to be upgraded to Gold membership. This membership cycle is restarted once you have been upgraded to Gold tier.

How do I maintain my Gold tier membership status?

You must accumulate at least $700 in rebates within 1 year from being upgraded to Gold to maintain your Gold tier membership.

Terms and Conditions

The Katrina Rewards Programme’s benefits, amenities, offers, awards and services are subjected to availability and may be changed by the Company at any time without notice.