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Why Should You Stay at ST Signature Chinatown

Everyone knows that a trip to Singapore isn’t complete without visiting Chinatown. Once an enclave for the country’s Chinese immigrant population, Chinatown continues to be adored today for its perfect blend of old and new cultures. Among modern bars and trendy lifestyle shops sit historic temples and traditional medicinal halls. 

So if you’re looking to relax, explore, and learn something new, Chinatown is the best destination for you. With its colourful shops, flavorful food, and rich history, there is no doubt that this enclave is a must-see by both locals and tourists.

Chinatown is located within the Outram district in the Central Area of Singapore. Luckily for you, there are several accommodations within the area that you can stay at for the duration of your trip. One of these is ST Signature Chinatown, an affordable luxury co-living hotel at Chinatown.

ST Signature Chinatown

ST Signature Chinatown is the first co-living hotel in Singapore by the hospitality arm of Katrina Group. It is located right in the heart of the bustling cultural Chinatown neighbourhood, providing a place for tourists like you to rest and relax after a busy day exploring the cultural enclave.

This co-living hotel at Chinatown is strategically placed for your convenience, walking distance from the train station. It is directly situated opposite the famous food street in the cultural town. When you check-in at ST Signature Chinatown, you can go on late-night food trips alone or with friends without worrying about your transportation.

As it is located within the enclave, it is a mere walking distance away from other tourist destinations such as the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Sri Mariamman Temple, Chinatown Street Market, Thian Hock Keng Temple, and the Telok Ayer and Amoy Street areas. 

What Sets ST Signature Chinatown Apart?

As soon as you enter, you’re greeted by gold accent staircases with photo frames from Singapura Seasons and the ST Signature scent. This elegantly decked 40 room co-living space features an eclectic mix of communal spaces for the varying needs of every guest. 

  • Cabin size and security measures

ST Signature Chinatown features various cabin sizes suited to your preference. You can choose from the following cabin sizes: Cabin S, M, and L. Aside from the size, you can also choose which cabin you’d like to sleep in, as well as whether the room has a window or not. If you choose a windowless cabin, your room automatically comes with a TV.

After choosing your cabin, you also have the option to request for a hard or soft mattress. At ST Signature all cabins are all keyless. The doors use igloo home smart locks that can only be opened with your unique code generated from your ST Signature Chat-In™ app.

Cabin S, upper bed
  • Amenities

The co-living hotel features an unique, open concept kitchen known as the Cook Lab. This kitchen is equipped with a Miele intelligent coffee machine, microwave oven, water dispenser, Induction hob and hood, that gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee, share their cooking tips and discover their culinary skills.

For those who prefer Chinatown’s outdoor ambience, you’re free to relax at the Lawn at ST Signature Chinatown. For meditation or relaxation after an activity-filled day, you’re also welcome to visit the garden near the cove.

Cook Lab
  • Opportunity for socialising and networking

The primary advantage of co-living hotels like ST Signature Chinatown is its communal spaces that promote socialising and networking among its guests. While staying at this co-living space, you can make friends and create connections through shared interests.

The ST Signature Chat-In™ app has a feature that allows you to interact with other guests without worrying about privacy issues since the App conceals private details like your cabin number. With this convenient feature, you can socialise and foster connections with guests within the co-living hotel safely and securely.

The next time you’re at Chinatown for a business trip or leisure, you should consider staying at ST Signature Chinatown. Here, you can enjoy the convenience of residing at a luxuriously affordable co-living hotel while attending to your business at the bustling cultural town.

ST Signature Chinatown is the ideal accommodation for guests, travellers, and tourists planning to walk around Chinatown and its nearby tourist attractions. Not only is this co-living hotel walking distance from the train station, but it is also near various restaurants, historical sites, and cultural hotspots. 

For a safe, convenient, and overall pleasant experience during your travels, book a cabin at ST Signature Chinatown.

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