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5 Reasons You Should Stay at ST Signature for Your Business Travels

Out of town business meetings mean long hours of traveling and starting your day early. We understand how tiring this can be for travelers like you, so we brought comfort and convenience to you. 

Our smart co-living hotels are located in prime business districts across the train stations for easy access and your utmost convenience. 

With that in mind, here are 5 other reasons you should consider staying at a ST Signature co-living hotel while on your business trip.

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  1. Convenience

ST Signature co-living hotels are strategically located near business districts, commercial hubs, and major transportation routes across the public transport. This means that our hotels are easily accessible. You can also take a quick walk outside to relax or shop for whatever you need at any time of the day.

As for the interior, all ST Signature co-living hotels are designed with your convenience in mind. You have the option to choose the location and size of your cabin. You can also choose to stay in a cabin with a window or a TV. Not only that, but you can also request for a hard or soft mattress.

2. Efficient Event Space

In our effort to tend to all of your needs, ST Signature co-living hotels are also equipped with meeting rooms and event spaces. To be precise, ST Signature Tanjong Pagar has a yoga studio that can transform into an event space or meeting room for small groups. 

On the other hand, ST Signature Jalan Besar has a dedicated meeting room that you can book whenever you need to. Keep in mind, however, that both of these event spaces and meeting rooms have to be booked beforehand with the management. 

If you don’t want your meetings within the co-living hotel to be too formal, there are numerous communal spaces you can occupy for co-working and socialising purposes.

ST Signature Tanjong Pagar

3. Networking Opportunities

ST Signature stands out from other hotels in the area because it is one of the few co-living hotels that enables its guests to socialise and establish connections with other guests. If you’re the type to easily make connections wherever you go, staying at ST Signature presents several networking opportunities you can take advantage of. Who knows, you might even meet your next business partner or potential investor at any of our smart co-living hotels.

At ST Signature, all of our communal spaces are designed to encourage interaction and networking among guests. Not only that, but our ST Signature Chat-In™ app also allows you to chat with other guests safely and securely. You can send other guests a message without having to reveal any of your private information. 

ST Signature co-living hotels are the ideal place to network, socialise, and build up your brand.

4. Modern and Technologically Advanced

All ST Signature hotels are modern and technologically advanced. We put emphasis on the use of smart technology across our co-living spaces. Cabins are keyless, with igloo home locks and PIN access. We are also working on incorporating Bluetooth locks on cabin doors.

Aside from modern cabins, our ST Signature Chat-In™ app also provides you with the convenience of checking in ahead of time. With the app, you can check-in as early as 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. This is especially helpful when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a delayed flight. Since you can check-in using the app, you no longer have to stand in line or wait for your turn at the reception.

Other amenities available for all guests include a Cook lab powered by Miele equipment. Guests can make use of the electric hob, oven, coffee machine, and water dispenser–much like you would at home. Bathrooms are also equipped with bidets and Dyson hairdryers.

5. Affordably Luxurious

As affordable luxury is one of our brand pillars, we have made it a point to design our hotel in a way that provides you with a luxurious co-living experience at just a fraction of the price. We want you to have a seamless experience with ST Signature without breaking the bank.

On your next business trip, consider booking at ST Signature. We offer convenience, modern amenities, excellent customer service, and a unique ST Signature experience across all of our smart, affordably luxurious co-living hotels.

Cabin S, lower bed

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