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Are You Ready for The Signature Xperience?

Have you ever experienced staying at a hotel where everything is convenient? Location, accommodations, and full of smart technologies? Well, there is one such co-living hotel at the heart of Singapore. The pioneer of smart technology in co-living spaces, ST Signature built its legacy around helping you enjoy the full Signature Xperience.

The Signature Xperience

The Signature Xperience is a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience for everyone staying at any co-living space of ST Signature.

ST Signature reflects their core values which are Intelligence, Luxury, Community and Value, visible through the various touch points at the co-living hotel itself.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Signature Xperience is really like.

  • Intelligent, modern, and convenient

ST Signature offers you its immense intelligence in terms of incorporating smart technology into their hotel. Not only that, but as a guest, you are a privileged member of its exclusive ST Signature Chat-In app, where you can purchase attractions ticket or have a chat with our host.  

As a smart co-living hotel in Singapore, ST Signature prides itself on its modernity and innovation. The hotel encourages you to practice self check-in via the app.

You can check-in up to 24 hours prior to your arrival at ST Signature via the Chat-In™ app for a pleasant, hassle-free check-in process. Just one click and you can find yourself checked-in into the hotel for the night—without worrying about long queue.

After checking in, guests will receive the auto generated cabin number and access code via email and the app.

Instructions on how to enter the cabin code is also available on the Chat-in and Co-living guide for your reference. With this keycard-less entry, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your card or misplacing it. Everything is digital for your utmost convenience.

During the Chat-In process, you will be prompted if you have any outstanding payments to be made. Payment can be made easily through the chat secured payment platform, using either credit or debit cards. To check-out, tap on the “Chat-Out” button to complete the process.

This app also enables our guests to unlock your individual cabin using PIN code and Bluetooth (In-progress). Information like the facilities of each hotel, exclusive partner’s offerings and the purchase of local attraction e-tickets are now at your fingertips. You can also chat with our Community Hosts for travel tips or recommendations in the vicinity.

If you prefer staying in, this luxury co-living hotel also helps you mingle with other guests within the co-living space. The App has a social chat feature that helps you connect with other guests without worrying about privacy issues. The app conceals private details like your cabin number so you can interact safely with other guests online.

Our app is a privilege for our registered guests only, so you’ll need to download the ST Signature App to enjoy all of its benefits and maximize the efficiency of your stay.

  • Digital Access

Enjoy hassle-free entrance and exit to your cabin without a physical key card. For the seamless Signature Xperience, all you need is your cabin code to enter. No need for traditional keys or plastic keycards. Everything is modern and digital.

  • State-of-the-Art Amenities

ST Signature’s amenities are state of the art, all of which are maintained at the highest quality just for you. The communal washrooms are equipped with Dyson hairdryers and for the lucky few, you may get to even enjoy the automated bidet toilets. The bathrooms have amenities that are produced by established brands such as The White Company and Fair CosmEthics.

This smart co-living hotel also has luxury appliances in the cook lab, with a cooking hob, a Miele coffee machine and a microwave oven for you to enjoy during your stay. These are all user-friendly and require minimum manual effort to operate, so you can whip meals quickly and easily.

ST Signature ensures that such excellent facilities and premium amenities are provided to you during your stay at an affordable price.

  • Environmentally Conscious

To make your stay more enjoyable, ST Signature is also in partnership with Sensorflow. This co-living hotel not only seeks to provide you with a nice place to stay in the heart of Singapore while you relax, but it’s guilt-free too.

In an effort to reduce the co-living hotel’s carbon footprint, ST Signature makes sure every inch of space is accounted for. This smart co-living hotel makes use of intelligent space planning and smart furniture design, incorporating it to the overall design of the hotels. The cabins are adequately sized for you to indulge in privacy without garnering an excessive carbon footprint.

Additionally, the hotel also fine-tunes their housekeeping and service operations to reduce energy consumption as much as possible through their wireless Internet-of-things system. It improves energy efficiency and generates energy savings with occupancy-based automation.

ST Signature is THE co-living hotel that caters to the needs of every traveler. Comfortable, convenient, modern, and economical, this smart co-living hotel is the best option for those who want to maximize their stay in Singapore.